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Red Angus cows

Our cows are selected for their excellent mothering ability and quiet temperament

Red Angus Cows

Our Red Angus cows are serving us well. For over 45 years we have selected our cows for traits such as quiet temperament, easy birthing, high milk production, excellent mothering ability and ability to hold their condition in tough times. Our cows are mated at 15 months to calve at two years of age. We maintain our herd at 200 cows and they are registered with the Red Angus Society of Australia. We have about 90 heifers and cows available for sale from September through to November each year but you are welcome to come see the cows any time of year. To view the cows and calves on the property, contact us.

We will have about 20–30 cows and 20 heifers ready to buy in October.