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Tronar heifers head to China

Tronar heifers head to China

Tronar heifers head to China

In February, 38 Tronar heifers were sold to a Chinese buyer. It was brilliant to sell so many heifers so early in the year. All fetched a good price too, solely because they were registered with the Red Angus Society of Australia.

In early February, local agent Rhys Hebberman from Primaries Livestock got in contact. He said he had a buyer from China willing to pay a decent price for stud Red Angus heifers that weighed over 250 kg. It was a golden opportunity. We were looking to sell off some of our excess heifers because of the terrible year we’ve had – it’s one of the driest winters we’ve ever had with no spring rains. We had 40 heifers we were happy to sell and not have to find feed for.

Rhys came to inspect the heifers for their Red Angus type – no scurs, no excess white patches and good confirmation. All passed the physical. One late-born heifer was under 250 kg so couldn’t be sold. The remaining 39 heifers had their blood tested for a range of diseases. One heifer had antibodies to infectious bovine tracheitis so also couldn’t be sold. The rest were given a clean bill of health and were ready to be shipped off.

Primaries Livestock organised Rodney Watters from Watters Cattle Transport to come pick up the heifers. We were really impressed by Rodney’s professionalism. He was really friendly, good around the stock and had a clean truck. Rodney took the heifers to a receiving point in Harvey then they were shipped by road train across to Victoria before being shipped to China by boat.

Selling the heifers to China was made extremely easy by the team at Primaries Livestock. It was wonderful to be able to get a premium price for the heifers because they were registered. It is one of those times that being registered with the Red Angus Society of Australia has been invaluable.


Natalie is Ross and Tracy's daughter. She's a pharmacist but comes up to the farm on weekends to harass her parents to keep the website up to date.

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