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Tronar wins best-of-the-best beef

Tronar wins best-of-the-best beef

Tronar wins best-of-the-best beef

Tronar steer awarded Grand Champion Carcase at the 2015 IGA Perth Royal Show

With the help of Tony and Loreen Kitchen at Bandeeka, a Tronar steer has won the Medium Weight Champion Carcase and then went on to win the Dick Dempster Memorial Trophy for Grand Champion Carcase at the 2015 Perth Royal Show. This award is proof our breeding programme is heading in the right direction for carcase quality.

To qualify, we had to select steers or heifers that showed no permanent teeth and weighed between 400.1 kg and 460 kg live weight. Tony and Loreen selected three of our pure-bred red angus steers. Kane and Sasha Wetherell, members of the Kitchen family, prepared the winning steer for the competition.

The winning steer, Tronar K167, was selected for the competition because of his bloodlines and their proven track record for carcase quality. His sire was Tronar Flipher 3LW F10 and dam Tronar Celeste 3LW C119. He was born 2 November 2014, weighed 34 kg at birth and was a twin calf. He looked like he had inherited his sire’s characteristics of good muscling.

Kane Wetherell played a crucial role in preparing K167 for the show and was very particular with K167’s feeding regime. He fed him a Semini Custom Feeds mix every day within a specific time frame for 100 days after weaning.

The steers were first judged on the hoof, sold to WA butchers and then judged on the hook. Carcases were judged according to the Australian Beef Carcase Appraisal System (ABCAS) using the scientific principles of Meat Standards Australia (MSA). The maximum score that a carcase could achieve was 100. The winning Tronar steer, K167, was awarded 93.76 points. It placed third on-the-hoof in the show ring. Its live weight was 450 kg and dressed 248.3kg (55.2% of live weight). Its MSA index was 60.83. It achieved perfect scores for eye muscle area at 89 cm2, P8 fat at 10 mm and rib fat at 6 mm. Its eating quality came in at 40.83 out of a possible 45 points. For all the stats see the graph below.

Tony and Loreen Kitchen also went on to win the RAS Sash for the Exhibitor Gaining Most Points in the beef section at the Perth Royal Show. Congratulations to the team for an outstanding effort.

We enjoy working with Bandeeka and hope they consider us for future shows.

Tronar K167 carcase stats

Total Points

Rib Fat

P8 Fat

EMA Points

Eating Quality

Meat Colour

Fat Distribution

MSA Index


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