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About Us

What our customers say

“ Tracy and Ross have the best cattle.”

– Tronar Red Angus Customer –

Tronar Red Angus is a traditional family-operated farm. Ross and Tracy Collard have been breeding red angus cattle for over 45 years. The stud was originally registered as Warringah and then re-enrolled under the Tronar banner in 1982.

Currently there are over 200 stud cows registered with the Red Angus Society of Australia. For over 45 years selection of our cattle is based on the key traits of  temperament, muscular frame, intramuscular fat, milk production, calving ease and mothering ability. We also select our cows so that they have the ability to maintain their condition on our  light, sandy Western Australian soil. This means our red angus are hardy and can withstand many different environments. This has led to Tronar bulls being successfully used in breeding programs all over Australia.   In the West we have progeny spread from the Gascoigne to the Pilbara , Eastern Wheatbelt, Southwest and South Coast regions. Tronar bloodlines have been introduced to breeding enterprises in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

We now consider our herd to be one of the best in Australia and this has been confirmed by the number of breeders returning to buy our cattle. A Chinese artificial insemination company has imported to China a number of our bulls. These selections, made over several years, were based upon the bulls having superior breed plan figures plus a visual appraisal by their purchasing team.   Tronar Red Angus genetics are now global.

Tronar is a founding member of the Western Australian state promotional body for the Red Angus Society of Australia. The WA group continues to meet and works to promote the breed. Ross was the first Western Australian member to be appointed as the Federal President and also spent time as the Federal Treasurer. He still sits as a member on Council and has held the position since 2001.