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Soon you can buy our beef direct from us

Soon you can buy our beef direct from us

Soon you can buy our beef direct from us

Since being awarded Grand Champion Carcase at the 2015 IGA Perth Royal Show we’ve been inundated with requests from friends and family who want to buy our beef. People are starting to care about where their meat comes from. They want meat grown ethically and sustainably. We advocate eating less meat and, when you do eat meat, choosing better quality meat. We’d like people to be able to choose beef knowing exactly where it’s come from. So we’re going to trial selling our beef direct to the public.

We care for both our cattle and the land we farm them on. Our beef is grass-fed, hormone-free pure Red Angus. Grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. It’s also more sustainable. We limit our herd to 200 cows. We care about the land we farm on and have worked with the World Wildlife Fund to protect the wetlands on our property. Because we have a small herd we will only have about 40 steers we’ll be selling to the public. We will also be selling the meat in packs, ensuring the whole animal is used and not just a few choice cuts. Hopefully down the track we can also sell offal, embracing the nose-to-tail eating philosophy. We’ll share some recipes on our blog from friends and family across the world to give you tips on how to use the less-popular cuts of meat (Natalie’s Italian mother-in-law has some wonderful tripe recipes). We’ll also trial working with pre-orders before we slaughter the animal, once again ensuring nothing is wasted.

We’re looking to start selling the packs in August when the cattle will have had a few months of grass feed without substitution with hay. Sign up to our newsletter down the very bottom of this page so you can find out when we’ll be taking pre-orders. If you’re interested in meeting your meat, you’re also welcome to come visit the farm.



Natalie is Ross and Tracy's daughter. She's a pharmacist but comes up to the farm on weekends to harass her parents to keep the website up to date.

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